Ông Phan Lê Hoàng, Chủ tịch HĐQT VTGP (bên phải) và ông Seongyon, Giám đốc Sejong E&C trao biên bản ghi nhớ trước sự chứng kiến của đại diện 02 Công ty

With a convenient location, complete and synchronous technical infrastructure, services, and professional staff, Vinh Tan International Port looks forward to cooperating with businesses wishing to rent warehouses and services. office services and other added services … at the Port and committed to best meet the needs of businesses.

Vinh Tan International Port easily connects Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan and the Central Highlands. Vinh Tan International Port provides perfect seaport services, contributing to connecting activities in the logistics chain of Vietnam and other countries in the region.

On an area of ​​more than 140 hectares, the port has adequate infrastructure with water and onshore works to ensure the exploitation capacity of about 8 million tons of import and export goods per year with two 50,000 tons berth. and one 100,000-ton berth.

The loading and unloading equipment with modern technology and techniques are invested, purchased and put into operation at the port, such as: Cranes using inverter electrical technology; the transport system ensures European emissions standards, and is environmentally friendly.

Bulk cargo yard, general cargo yard is a place to gather all kinds of construction materials, agricultural products, forestry and aquatic products, etc. Container yard with a large area can meet storage needs for all types of containers.

The current infrastructure of Vinh Tan International Port can also accommodate large tonnage ships. Forecasts about demand of businesses transporting goods by container, especially for reefer containers in Binh Thuan, Nam Ninh Thuan and Lam Dong areas, are very positive. Therefore, Vinh Tan International Port will promote cooperation to take advantage of advantages, in addition to also find directions to connect convenient transportation routes to bring goods through the Port …

-> Being a sister port with European countries.

-> Strengthening cooperation between Vinh Tan Port and foreign countries

-> Being a sister port with European countries.

-> An advantageous gateway to import and export goods.

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