Silo warehouse

With most of the area for port logistics, Vinh Tan International Port will meet the needs of warehouses, building infrastructure … for domestic and foreign enterprises when investing and doing business in Binh Thuan, in the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands.

General warehouse: Lease of back-port land to partners, customers to build warehouses / factories, etc. For Logistics services, Vinh Tan International Port is studying a pre-feasibility plan to build CFS warehouses. container handling and establishment of Feeder Container shipping routes linking Vinh Tan International Port and ports in the North and South; connecting Vinh Tan International Port with foreign hub-ports such as Hong Kong, Kaohsiung or Singapore.

  • Site area: 30ha
  • Total warehouse area: 20,000 m2
  • Total yard area: 180,000 m2

Using the Silo system

  • Silo construction does not require land area compared to storage volume, saving land area.
  • Silo contains about 2m2 / ton.
  • Does not arise on the land area when trying to increase the silo storage.
  • Silo grain type agricultural products are preserved long and abundant, ensuring that the quality is not reduced.
  • The retention time is about 3 years.
  • Silo has a storage system available, to prevent infestation of insects, bacteria (termites, termites, mold …).
  • The loss is not there.
  • Fast import and export time can be transported directly to the pier, saving time for completing sales contracts.
  • Silo has a system of measuring and adjusting the temperature and humidity inside the Silo. Therefore, it does not change the activity in agricultural seeds, always keeping the freshness of the seeds is very convenient for preservation.
  • Silo does not need any more management systems.
  • The labor ratio is 1:10 to reduce labor costs.
  • Silo relies on a shipping system and its principles so no loss in transport is possible.
  • As mentioned above, the investment of Silo will save more time and be more profitable for the investors.