General warehouse

With most of the area for port logistics, Vinh Tan International Port will meet the needs of warehouses, building infrastructure … for domestic and foreign enterprises when investing and doing business in Binh Thuan, in the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands.

General warehouse: Lease of back-port land to partners, customers to build warehouses / factories, etc. For Logistics services, Vinh Tan International Port is studying a pre-feasibility plan to build CFS warehouses. container handling and establishment of Feeder Container shipping routes linking Vinh Tan International Port and ports in the North and South; connecting Vinh Tan International Port with foreign hub-ports such as Hong Kong, Kaohsiung or Singapore.

Warehouse area with a total area of ​​40,000m2, packing capacity: 300 containers / day:

  • CFS warehouse: 18,000 m2, a total capacity of 12,500 pallets, 64 shelves, 26 entry and exit doors;
  • CFS warehouse: 1st floor, warehouse 05 with an area of ​​6,250 m2, a total capacity of 3,500 pallets, 22 shelves; 19 doors for entry and exit of goods; 5 months of machine with tonnage / lift.
  • Bonded warehouse: 2nd floor, warehouse 05 with an area of ​​6,250 m2, total capacity of 3,500 pallets, 22 shelves, 5 months of machine with a capacity of 5 tons / lift.
  • Domestic warehouse: area 9,500 m2

The system of warehouses and yards at Cat Lai port is modernly designed, ensuring the safety of goods with automatic fire protection system; anti-theft system, modern security surveillance camera, store images for up to 90 days (CTPAT standard of US customs). Warehouse system is designed according to modern standards to meet diverse customer needs. Fully equipped with a 6-storey high shelf system for the entire warehouse area to increase storage area, facilitate goods supervision. The TOPOVN and TOPX container management and operation system, WMSVN warehouse management system combined with barcode management allows data to be exported, imported and inventory in real time. Standard fire protection system, automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system.