With a system of bonded warehouses of a large scale, including NEARS 30 TYPES of warehouses built according to modern architecture, suitable for storing a variety of goods according to international standards. Vinh Tan Port is ready to meet all the needs of customers for storage, transportation and distribution of goods through the nationwide transportation system.

With many years of experience in the field of customs declaration and being a customs agent in Vietnam, Vinh Tan Port will best support customers to rent bonded warehouses in customs declaration procedures and staff. Having a certificate of customs declaration practice can handle all arising tasks related to customs clearance to help customers save time and money.

– Well located

– Competence

  • Total area: 230 ha
  • Container yard: 56,000 m2, capacity: 15,000 TEU
  • Total warehouse area: 396,600 m2

– Specifications

  • Modern Dock – Levelers system.
  • Standard Racking system.
  • CCTV camera system.
  • Manage reports with separate software.
  • Automatic PCCN system, Smoke – detector.
  • Office working in warehouse.

– The bonded warehouse services are provided to the following goods:

  • Customs procedures for export have been completed, pending export.
  • Goods which have expired, must be re-exported.
  • Goods forcibly re-exported by a competent state agency.
  • Goods of foreign goods owners that have not signed sale contracts with Vietnamese enterprises.
  • Goods imported by Vietnamese enterprises from abroad waiting to be brought into the domestic market, without having to pay import tax.
  • Goods from abroad that are transited or stored in Vietnam awaiting export to a third country.
Hotline: 0986 850 808